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Too Busy Running Your Business?

We can help you grow.  Whether you're a small local business or larger company that needs an enhanced online presence, let the experts at SearchSparx help you meet your search goals.

Our firm has extensive experience with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), Pay per Call, and Local VIP Programs that are all designed to generate leads and to get customers to buy your products and services.  Talk to us about the many available options that might be right for your business. 

What we do

Want to Rank on the First Page?

Whether by optimizing your on-page and off-site SEO, local SEO or existing content marketing strategy, we don’t just strive to increase the amount of visits to your business landing pages. Instead, we analyze all incoming traffic to your website, and in doing so, help businesses better direct their ongoing marketing efforts. We can help you determine what changes are needed for your business to gain better search engine results.

What we do

Online Marketing Consutling

What might have worked yesterday for you in regard to SEO and web marketing won’t necessarily work as well for you today. This is because SEO rules and best practice standards are always in a state of flux. Web marketing strategies and search engine optimization techniques, need to be fluid and adaptive to the ever-changing landscape of the Internet. Thankfully, our online marketing consulting services can help your company get a better understanding on what you should be doing in regard to SEO. This can help supercharge your overall web marketing efforts.

What we do

Search Engine Optimization Analysis

While real people might well be blown away by your website, search engines like Google see your website completely differently.  Moreover, this matters because how Google ‘sees’ your website will determine how it is indexed, categorized, and ranked in accordance with its own search algorithm. Let our SEO analysis services become an integral part of your overall SEO success.

What we do

Local "VIP" Program Maketing 

Online marketing isn't always about achieving overall better rankings in search engines like Google.  Instead, if you’re a local business, you need to find ways to get new customers as well as to get existing customers to purchase more from your business.  We help businesses do this by providing extensive local SEO solutions by developing local "VIP" programs that will help put your business on the local map.  In doing so, we’ll help you archive better sales leads and much more importantly, conversions of those leads into increasted sales.

What we do

Pay Per Call Marketing Lead Generation

Businesses are growing tired of clicks to a website. They want their phone to ring. No wonder, because when they do receive a call they have a live person who is seeking more information about their product or service.   For the majority of callers, they either want to book an appointment or are checking so see if you're open so that they can come to your business.  We can help you leverage a variety of digital assets that are tailored to attract callers that will get your phone to ring so that you can grow your business.

Solid Web Design

Designing safe, secure and responsive websites that appeal to your target audience.

Pay Per Click

Per per click ad campaigns are a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Penalty Removal

Have you been penalized by Google for 'black hat' link building? We can help with that.


What they say

Nancy s

Plastic Surgeon

I am very pleased with the work from SeachSparx.  They continue to bring me ten to fifteen new client leads every month.

Tom m

Business Owner

Getting my phone to ring and hearing that it's a lead from SearchSparx is very valuable for my business.  I get real calls every week without any extra effort.