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We can help you grow.  Whether you're a small local business or larger company that needs an enhanced online presence, let the experts at SearchSparx help you meet your search goals.

Creating strong inbound marketing strategies with Pay Per Call services will prove invaluable to your business. Our pay per call tracking solutions help you connect with more prospective clients via the phone, increasing customer interaction, retention, and conversions.

What we do

Why Phone Calls?

Businesses are growing tired of clicks to a website. They want the phone to ring.  It's little wonder, because when a business receives a call, they have a live person who is seeking more information about their product or service.

Statistics show that just over one out of every two callers (56%) want to either book an appointment or are checking so see if you're open so that they can come to your business regarding your product or service.

Let us help you get your phone to ring so that you can grow your business.

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How Does it Work?

Let's say a customer is looking for an eye doctor in Toronto. Most customers will use a search engine like Google and type in "eye doctor in Toronto" where they will locate one of our conversion-based websites that contains a phone tracking code.

The user will browse the site and then call the number which will be routed over to your business. When your phone rings, you will hear a short voice whisper that says that this is a "new lead from SearchSparx", and the caller is connected to you, for you to close.

We leverage a variety of digital assets that are tailored to your business to attract callers. 

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What About Misdialed Calls?

We never charge for misdialed calls or calls from telemarketers. We can guarantee this because we offer a 'grace' period during the call which weeds out bad quality calls. Our experience shows that calls lasting longer than 90 seconds typically involve buyer intent and increases conversion rates. Moreover, we have the ability to record calls for quality assurance and can ensure that you are billed only for valid customer inquiries to your business.

Are the Phone Leads Exclusive?

In short, yes, all the phone leads that we send to you are for your business.  Unlike many competitors, we only work with one business in each city. In this way, you receive the best service and get all of the prospects calling you.

Are There Long-term Contracts?

We do not ask you to sign any long term contracts nor do we have any hidden or upfront fees like our competitors.  We are very confident that you will like our service and will enjoy being a partner. Therefore, we don’t ask for anything more than a virtual handshake and 30 days notice. In the event you do want to cancel, we simply request you give us 30 days notice so we have time to find and set-up a new partner for your service area.

Does This Replace My Marketing?

That decision is entirely up to you. We feel strongly that our service compliments your existing marketing efforts. In short, we encourage our clients to maintain the existing marketing for their business. As we build more digital assets for your service area, and as you begin to receive phone calls, then you might want to decide where you are receiving the better return on your investment. We built this service offering to generate live customers to your business with no extra work on your part. We do all the heavy lifting, risk free!

Lead Generation Made Simple

Pay for Results

If we don't send you qualified phone calls you don't pay a single penny. You only pay when we deliver leads who are interested in your services.

No Long Term Contract

You will never be asked to sign a long-term contract. All leads to your business are exclusive only to you. Use our lead generation service risk free.

No Hidden Charges

You will never pay for hidden fees. Doing business with us is transparent. All we ask is that you pay your bill on time so there's no interruption to your calls.

Increase Your ROI

Why pay for clicks to website when we can deliver a live customer calling you? Save money and increase the return of your advertising spend.

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